Posted 8 March 2017
A long time ago in South Africa, around August 1999, we started a new little website as a fun way to meet other like-minded adults. This website was called EroticPersonals. In 2004 we left EroticPersonals with the then partner and started ZebraNights, known as ZNights.

On the 1st of March 2017, we launched "EroticPrivéLounge", the spiritual successor to EroticPersonals.

EroticPrivéLounge was created to provide everyone with an open, safe, comfortable, welcoming social network that gives you the opportunity to meet other open-minded people who understand your lifestyle choices. At EroticPrivéLounge we believe that we are all hedonistic beings, regardless of race, colour, creed, religious beliefs or political background. Hedonism can be defined as a way of life which treats pleasure as the ultimate good. It can be distinguished from utilitarianism, which treats happiness as the ultimate good. Hedonists are not so much concerned with happiness, in the sense of overall well being. They are more interested in the carnal, sensual, and immediate pleasures of food, intoxication, sex, leisure, nature, art, and the like. By indulging oneself in such things, the hedonist aims for pleasure, pure and simple. If this is you, then you have found a home on EroticPrivéLounge.

EroticPrivéLounge is an adult social network created especially for those who choose not to pigeonhole themselves into any one particular lifestyle but are looking for an online community that allows them a no judgement environment, freedom, security and privacy! We at EroticPrivéLounge encourage you to explore, discover and connect with other open-minded adults who will understand your lifestyle choices - no explanation needed!

EroticPrivéLounge is under constant development and we are always trying to improve the service, performance and experience for our members. We welcome all of you to express yourselves and feel free to jump in anywhere. To flex your personality without fear of being jumped on and dragged down by negative people. There will always be a few people who are out to spoil it for the rest of us. They will be dealt with and if needs be, asked to leave. If you have any problems or issues with anyone, please make use of the systems available to contact EroticPrivéLounge Support and report misbehaving profiles. We are open to feedback and suggestions as long as it is constructive.

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